Our focus

We assist the national plan by working on basic areas focused by the nation.
Youth Empowerment

Youths, the nation builders of today & tomorrow. We bring them together and inspire them to achieve their goal.

Health & Environment

Only a healthy man can generate healthy ideas. We work on peoples ignorant, healthy health habits and clean environment is our desire.

Peace & Prosperity

The non-align foreign policy of Nepal itself explains the desire of a peaceful world. Moreover we also work on unity to sustain peace.

Child & Education

The future leaders need to be expert in every field. We aim to fulfill the every possible children’s necessity in order to help them to win their glorious future.

Our Mission

An organization formed by a group of activists for social alteration and to awake the youths.
Youths Involvement in nation building.

We vow to work in the fields of economy, education, health, environment, human rights, gender equality, profession, awareness, communication and support rural development through various projects.

News & Events

What we have to say

Message from our team members, what is the motive to get involved in this social organization.

Share with us

If you have any ideas, suggestions or a desire to volunteer with us, then feel free to message.