Introduction of the organization

WE CAN GROUP is service oriented non-profit making non-governmental organization. It is located in Bagar-01, Pokhara, Kaski district, Nepal. Our organization is formed under Organization Registration Act, 2034. It is formed by group of activists for social alteration, awake youth group. This organization is of scattered young professionals in many areas of the district, race, ethnic and minority ethnic economic, social area, education, health and the state later in the context of change in their perception and enrich the quality of life. The organization especially encourage the youth and service minded people to serve in society whether by donating money or volunteering in affected areas.


In our society, still there is prevalent of child labour, caste discrimination, women violence, gender inequality, superstition etc. so, we are planning to conduct awareness programs to alleviate such problems.

Furthermore, to reduce social problems in the field of poverty, education, health, environment, human rights, gender discrimination, agriculture, rural development through different projects our we can group is being established under registration act 2034.


 Objectives of the organization

  1. Our organization will take initiative apart from moving away from politics.
  2. Enhancing the feeling of participation, transparency and accountability in various sectors.
  3. Our group will develop the exemplary virtue and moral culture to develop the local social status and remain example for transformation.
  4. Being youth oriented organization, youth personality and leadership program will be implemented and focus for raising youth and motivating them to do social work.
  5. Participating in different voluntary programs like natural disaster affected area, plantation program, city cleaning program etc.
  6. Helping whether by financial or skill to the natural disaster affected area as much as organization can.
  7. Organizing various society related programs like blood donation, Go green, charity concerts for social welfare, youth oriented programs etc.
  8. Conducting campaign to end community sects existing superstition, ideology, illiteracy, poverty, exploitation, oppression and inequality.
  9. Organizing various programs about women right and child violation for the women and children field, promoting democracy, peace and non-violence.
  10. Conducting skill and literacy programs for backward areas women.
  11. The organization will organize the awareness for the protection of child rights of infirm and helpless children.
  12. Based on timely subjects, organization will spotlight the civil society for interaction, seminars and discussions.
  13. Supporting for the work of dismantling the problems in the field like HIV (AIDS) victims, unemployment, poverty, ethnic groups, Dalit and backward classes, drug abuse, domestic violence, education, health, agriculture, corruption etc.
  14. Inspiring general public to be self-dependent.
  15. The organization will seek to resolve the problem in the field of social sector such as; education, health, environment, human rights, gender discrimination, agriculture, rural development.
  16. Coordinating with different organizations to provide job for youths seeking employment opportunities.
  17. Helping needy people like donating money who have bad health condition, providing pen, pencils, copies and books for low income people’s children as much as organization can etc.
  18. Organization will implement written objectives in accordance with Nepal`s laws and by obtaining license.



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